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ALC of Abu

Ancestor Loss Coefficient

(ALC) or (AVK) is a calculation used to measure the loss of unique individuals due to inbreeding. It gives a good indication on the genetic diversity in the genes of the sugar glider. If all the ancestors are all different, the ALC will be 100%; if any ancestors are repeated, the ALC will be less than 100%. The more repeated ancestors there are in the pedigree, the smaller the ALC percentage will be. This program is capped at 25 generations to preform the ALC calculation to prevent database lag.

The PSG database recommendations for breeding common lineage sugar gliders (rare colors or lines not included):
  • A pedigree of at least 4 generations
  • An ALC of more than 90%

ALC percentages are dependent on the number of generations of the pedigree used in the calculation. To assist in transparency and understandings of the calculation, the PSG database will provide the total number of ancestors found, who the duplicate ancestors are and how often they appear in the pedigree, and the calculated ALC percentage.

The total number of found ancestors is 0 which are spread over 0 generations (some may not be full generations).

Generation Breakdown

GenerationNumber FoundStatus

Duplicate Ancestor Report

Pet NamePSG IdCount
Slots taken by repeat ancestors:0

The ALC for Abu is: One ancestor needed to complete calculation.

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